Welcome to Lamphurai riverside resort & spa

Our resort locate in natural style in lamphurai village environ with hide hill ,fresh air and river.You will get all comfort cause we have clean, quiet ,beautiful and nice rooms promt service with swimming pool and breakfast.
Our restaurant serve all day from 8.00 - 20.00 h. All kind of foods can request, we please to serve you. We also have safety water park , spa and wellness thai massage room, you will actually enjoy and fun yourselves all.


ที่พัก ตราด

Thai style house

Thai style house and Thai style balcony

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ที่พัก ตราด

Waterpark and Slider

Big fun with water park inside resort

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ที่พัก ตราด

Swimming pool in resort

Free Swimming pool for kid and family

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ที่พัก ตราด

Spa and Thai massage

We have Spa and Thai massage service in resort.



Map of Lamphurai riverside resort

Tel: 0631901099, 0818637479